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Archives for April 2009

  1. Let's Do the Twist

    Let's Do the Twist

    by Brandon Nolta11 comments

    It’s a lot of fun pulling the rug out from under your audience. Come on, most of us love that kind of thing; it’s one of the reasons why certain movies, TV shows and stories are so popular. Hell, M. N...

  2. Thick Skin, Like a Kumquat

    Thick Skin, Like a Kumquat

    by Megan Christopher6 comments

    A co-worker of my mother's stumbled across my blog via Twitter, and told her he loved it. He also warned her that I'd need to develop a thick skin if I wanted to survive due to my brutal honesty. Brut...

  3. Been Caught Stealing

    Been Caught Stealing

    by Brandon Nolta3 comments

    Writing ain’t easy. At its best, it’s a joyous, giddy process, but at its worst, it can be a grinding, maddening slog through the thickets of your imagination, like wandering the Library of Babel with...

  4. So You Want To Write A Screenplay

    So You Want To Write A Screenplay

    by Megan Christopher4 comments

    "Hey," you think after a showing of Adventureland, "I could write a better movie than that." Congratulations! You've just joined the ranks of millions, including the entire city of Los Angeles, on a...

  5. Decisions of the Wolf Hours

    Decisions of the Wolf Hours

    by Brandon Nolta1 comment

    Hard choices. Shades of gray. No clear right or wrong. Man, that’s the stuff of good drama, the conflict that propels the best stories. That’s what elevates fiction into art, or at least one of the th...

  6. We Don't Need No Education

    We Don't Need No Education

    by Brandon Nolta4 comments

    Every now and then, I see the initials MFA crop up in forum posts and articles on Scribophile. I’ve mentioned them myself a few times, and I’ve seen them in other places, and judging from the comments...

  7. Creating Life On a Budget

    Creating Life On a Budget

    by Brandon Nolta2 comments

    OK, so you have a killer plot, the perfect setting and any number of ideas on how to get from the introduction to the denouement. What else do you need? Characters, that’s what. You definitely need a...

  8. With Great Power...

    With Great Power...

    by Brandon Nolta3 comments

    In this blog and the comments section that comes with every post, we here at Scribophile have discussed many aspects of writing and the literary life. Characters, plot, favorite books, background musi...