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Archives for July 2009

  1. Longevity In Futures Past

    Longevity In Futures Past

    by Brandon Nolta4 comments

    Let’s talk about longevity for a moment. Usually, when writers start the daydream wheel in their minds, I’d wager that critical, financial and popular success figure prominently in the results, but...

  2. Roses in the Ashes

    Roses in the Ashes

    by Brandon Nolta5 comments

    Sometimes you don’t know what you want to say until you open your mouth, and out it comes. I wasn’t planning to write something tonight; it’s been a busy weekend, and I’ve got lots to do. But, I was t...

  3. Epic Poetry Contest Winners, And Announcing The Computer Love Contest!

    Epic Poetry Contest Winners, And Announcing The Computer Love Contest!

    by Alex Cabal9 comments

    The Epic Winners of the Epic Poetry Contest We've got to hand it to those of you who entered the Epic Poetry Contest: you've accomplished something just by finishing. This was a hard one to complete,...

  4. No Purse for Verse

    No Purse for Verse

    by Brandon Nolta4 comments

    To be a poet is a condition, not a profession. ~ Robert Frost It’s possible to become rich as a novelist, though few manage it. It’s possible to make a good living doing a number of different type...

  5. From a Certain Point of View

    From a Certain Point of View

    by Megan Christopher2 comments

    For creative non-fiction more 'serious' than blogging, I generally don't like to use the first person. It's harder to be objective, and any observations you make about yourself are obviously biased, a...