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Archives for September 2009

  1. Warming Up for Halloween

    Warming Up for Halloween

    by Brandon Nolta6 comments

    I miss scary fiction. There’s something to be said for a story that comes right at you with no other intention than to force the reader or viewer up against the wall and shout “Boo!” Or even better, c...

  2. Process, Process

    Process, Process

    by Brandon Nolta5 comments

    One of the troubles I have with writing fiction is that I have yet to develop a consistent process for starting. Like most writers, my Muse is not one to punch a time clock, nor is it one to deliver i...

  3. My Shelves Runneth Over

    My Shelves Runneth Over

    by Brandon Nolta8 comments

    One of the best choices I ever made, as a reader, was to ditch the idea that reading for fun and reading for knowledge were somehow two separate beasts. Not only does that fallacy imply that you can’t...

  4. Working as a Blogger for Businesses

    Working as a Blogger for Businesses

    by Kathryn Vercillo10 comments

    Although I do a variety of different types of freelance work, the majority of the writing that I do is as a blogger for businesses. I frequently have people ask me what this means. Although most peopl...

  5. Thievery of Souls

    Thievery of Souls

    by Brandon Nolta3 comments

    When photography first appeared and spread throughout the world, carried like plague by intrepid explorers and photographers, there were groups of people who did not want to be photographed. These obj...