Karen Albright Lin

Karen Albright Lin

Karen Albright Lin is an award-winning novelist, produced screenwriter, and a freelance editor for award-winning and bestselling authors. She teaches writing for Princess and Celebrity cruise lines and at writers conferences, and she’s also a hopeless foodie. Many of her stories are inspired by her experience marrying into a Taiwanese family. Food is often a subplot.

Her novels Mu Shu Mac & Cheese and American Moon: A Chinese Immigrant Story are available on Amazon. Both ranked top 50 Hot New Releases in their categories. She also appeared alongside other writers in the anthology Fresh Starts.

She, her husband, and their two boys have traveled the world as she researches recipes for a literary cookbook. She has published magazine articles, essays, poems, shorts, and flash fiction in many genres. You can visit her website at karenalbrightlin.com.

Karen’s upcoming writing classes

  1. Write Three-Dimensional Stories by Mastering the Art of Subtext

    with Karen Albright Lin

    Apr 10, 2023 • 2 week master class

    Live instructor-led videoconferences plus day-to-day interaction on Scribophile

    Beginning and intermediate writers

    Award-winning novelist Karen Albright Lin teaches you how to turn flat narratives into rich three-dimensional stories by harnessing the power of subtext.