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We’re the writing group to join if you want to get the best feedback around, to learn how to get published, and to be a part of the friendliest and most successful writing workshop online.

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Finally, a writing group that works!

Improve your writing by receiving detailed critiques

Scribophile is famous for the detailed and helpful critiques our members exchange. The critiques you’ll get are so much more than just a pat on the back—you’ll get actionable ways to improve your writing.

As part of our community, you’ll be writing critiques for others too. Members tell us again and again that learning how to write great critiques dramatically improved their own writing.

Learn from a vast collection of free writing resources

Besides the insightful critiques you’ll get in our writing workshop, we have a huge amount of free resources in our professional writing blog and writing academy. Our writing forums are busy with thousands of writers from all over the world talking shop.

Make lifelong friends in our busy community of writers

Writing is a solitary art, but that doesn’t mean you have to be lonely. Lucky for you there are thousands of writers on Scribophile every day, and we’re a really friendly bunch. You’ve never seen a writing group like this one!

Scribophile was the first place I stopped when I went from being an I-wanna-be-a-writer to I-am-an-author. Now I have four international bestselling novels with major publishers, and when authors come to me I always send them to Scribophile.

Genevieve Graham, published with Simon & Schuster

People are saying nice things about us:

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Giving and receiving critiques on Scribophile made a big difference to the quality of my writing. I learned how to write a query letter here and that led to an agent and a book deal.

Ruth Steven, published with Bloomsbury

And there’s even more for writers...

My years on Scribophile have given me a master’s level education in writing. The critiques are great, but I’ve learned as much from reading and analyzing other writers on Scribophile. I don’t think I could have polished my novel to a publishable level without this site. I’m an addict.

Laura Creedle, The Love Letters of Abelard and Lily published with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Plus, get writing advice from the pros

Our writing group is more than just a place to get feedback and hang out with other awesome writers. The writing blog regularly features tips and advice that’ll help you sharpen your work even more.

We also have a Writing Academy filled with free, objective, and informative writing articles by industry professionals on topics from fundamentals like show vs. tell to advanced stuff like haiku poetry.

Here’s just a sample of the kinds of free resources you’ll have access to:

A mortarboard

Just a few of the free tutorials at the Writing Academy

Scribophile’s critiquing system made a huge difference in my understanding of stories and how to write them. Even more importantly, the group of writing friends I’ve made there have been a constant fount of support, advice, and general awesomeness as I continue to mature as a writer.

Stewart Baker, Writers of the Future 2015 Q2 1st place winner

By the way, Scribophile helps get you published

Check out the latest publications from our awesome members!

Abhishek Sengupta

December 10 — Abhishek Sengupta’s magical realism flash fiction The Square Root of Twenty-Nine will be published in Sonic Boom.

Mark Fish

December 5 — Mark Fish’s literary flash fiction smile now will be published in Shadow Rain Review.

Steven Fischer

December 4 — Steven Fischer’s science fiction flash fiction The First Fragmented Church of Entropy will be published by Nature: Futures.

Janel Comeau

November 24 — Janel Comeau’s comedy short story The Marvellous Mr. Marble will be published in Jenny Magazine.

Anna Carr

November 24 — Anna Carr’s short story Expecting will be published in Bombus Books.


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