The Spotlight FAQ

So what are the spotlights, anyway?

The spotlights are lists of work compiled using a few simple rules. Critiques written for works that are in one of the spotlights earn you much more karma points than critiques on works that aren’t in one of the spotlights. The fastest way to earn karma points is to write critiques of work that is in one of the spotlights.

Work is put in a spotlight based on a few simple rules.

Work is removed from a spotlight after it has received a minimum number of long critiques.

How do the spotlights work, exactly?

There are three spotlights:

1. The Main Spotlight

The Main Spotlight is the main place for Scribophile members to give and get critiques. It’s divided by genre, like fantasy, romance, fiction, etc. The Main Spotlight is where you should post if you want feedback from the whole Scribophile community, without having to know anyone or ask anyone.

2. Your Personal Spotlight

Personal Spotlights are perfect for members who have established followers, friends, groups, and critiquing partners at Scribophile. You get more critiques per karma points spent, but it’s up to you to ask your friends, followers, and groupmates to critique your work.

3. The Beta Read Spotlight

Beta Read Spotlights are for full-manuscript critique exchanges with one or two trusted critiquers, without involving karma points. It’s perfect for members with trusted critique partners who want to collaborate outside of the karma system.

What happens when my work is removed from a spotlight?

After your work is removed from a spotlight, it can still be critiqued for 30 more days. After those 30 days, it’s locked, which means it can still be read but not critiqued.

You can put your work back in line for a spotlight at any time within those 30 days. If you do, the process starts over.

If your work is locked, you can unlock it. When you unlock your work, it’s put back in line for the spotlight of your choice and is eligible for the minimum number of critiques, on top of the critiques it has already received — the process starts over! Check out this writeup on the life cycle of a work on Scribophile to learn more about how the process works.

How do I get my work into the Main Spotlight faster?

The Main Spotlight is divided by genre, like fantasy, romance, fiction, etc. Each genre can hold up to 8 works at a time. Any more works will wait in line until a work is removed from the Main Spotlight to make room for more.

Therefore, the fastest way to get your work into the Main Spotlight is to write detailed critiques for works currently in the spotlight that are the same genre as yours. For example, if your fantasy novel chapter is in line for the Main Spotlight, then critiquing other fantasy works currently in the spotlight will remove them faster, and thus get your work in faster.

As you critique, you’ll also earn karma points — perfect for spending on posting your next work!

But I don’t know how to critique! How will I fill up 125 words?

Critiquing isn’t hard at all, and anyone can do it! We have lots of helpful guides on how to write great critiques in the Help Center at the bottom of the site. Also check out our detailed Academy article on how to write great critiques.