Strikes and Strikeouts

Strikes are stern warnings from the forums moderators about a member’s forums behavior.

Individually, strikes are warnings, not punishments. But when a member receives 3 strikes in a 90 day grace window, they “strike out” and can no longer post in the forums for a penalty time of 3 weeks.

After a member strikes out once, the grace window no longer applies to them, and each subsequent strike that member receives is an immediate strikeout. After a member’s first strikeout, the penalty period for subsequent strikeouts is 2 weeks plus 1 week per total all-time strikeouts.

The 90 day grace window is an important path to forgiveness. If a member has received one or more strikes without striking out, and the 90 day grace window passes without that member incurring further strikes, then previous strikes effectively start dropping off their records. This means that if a member follows the rules, strikes are not permanent. But if a member continuously ignores the rules, strikes become increasingly punishing.