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Our writing classes are entirely online, featuring live instruction from masters of the craft.

Great writers aren’t born…
they’re made

Being a great writer isn’t a guessing game. But it does take passion, study, and practice.

You’ve got the passion. Our classes and workshops have the rest.

They’re led by award-winning authors and industry experts — and unlike other online writing classes where you just exchange emails with the teacher, our classes feature live online meetings so you can get insights from your teacher face-to-face.

How our writing classes work

Meet live via video and in a private discussion forum

Our teachers are hand-picked bestselling authors and industry experts. Chat with them in a private discussion forum before meeting them on live video for face-to-face instruction.

Get constructive feedback on your projects

Feedback is the best way to learn, and each class is designed to make sure you leave with detailed feedback on something you’ve written.

More than just a class… a lifelong community, too

You’ll join one of the largest writing communities online, where you can make friends, meet beta readers, and continue your writing journey.

June classes & workshops

  1. Writing Better Fiction

    with William Ryan

    Jun 6, 2023 • 4 week master class

    Live instructor-led videoconferences plus day-to-day interaction on Scribophile

    Beginning writers or writers with some experience who would like to improve

    Critically-acclaimed author William Ryan guides you through a workshop-based introduction to the essential elements of storytelling and writing fiction.

    Class starts in just 1 day! Only 1 seat left!

  2. The Power of Setting

    with Carly Stevens

    Jun 10, 2023 • 1½ hour webinar

    Single-session live webinar

    Beginning to intermediate fiction writers

    Acclaimed author and teacher Carly Stevens shows you how to write memorable settings that immerse your readers in your story’s world.

    Class starts in just 5 days!

  3. Exploring Surreal Prose Poetry

    with Jose Hernandez Diaz

    Jun 12, 2023 • 4 week master workshop

    Live instructor-led videoconferences plus day-to-day interaction on Scribophile

    Poets of any skill level

    Teacher, poet, and past NEA Poetry Fellow Jose Hernandez Diaz guides you through a fun surrealist prose poetry workshop where you’ll focus on writing and workshopping new poems.

    Sold out!

  4. Flash Stories: Brevity and Echo in Writing

    with Vasilis Manousakis

    Jun 19, 2023 • 2 week master class

    Live instructor-led videoconferences plus day-to-day interaction on Scribophile

    Fiction writers of any skill level

    Acclaimed writer and poet Dr. Vasilis Manousakis teaches you the fundamentals of powerful flash fiction.

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