Freelance Writing 101: Start Your Freelance Writing Career

with Fija Callaghan

April 10, 2023 • 4 week master class

Meet online at Scribophile and via instructor-led Zoom video chat

Perfect for
Writers of any skill level

Small class size • Seats are limited

You love to write, but publishing can take time—and even if you succeed, you’ll have to wait before royalties start rolling in. How else can you make money writing?

Fortunately, there’s a huge market for freelance copywriters. Clients need writers to write great content, and they’re willing to pay for it today. A great writer is worth their weight in gold, and clients know it. So how can you break in to the freelance writing industry?

Fija Callaghan has built a successful career on just the kind of freelance writing that pays. Now she’s here to teach you how to make money doing what you love, too!

In this intensive 4-week course you’ll learn everything you need to start a freelance writing career writing for today’s internet. You’ll cover everything from building a portfolio, to finding and signing clients, to techniques and skills for writing copy that clients want, to managing business details like invoicing.

This course is perfect for any writer who feels comfortable with their writing, but needs expert guidance on how to turn their love of writing into a paying job.

As you work through this class, you’ll generate a real portfolio of sample pieces that you can send to prospective clients. You’ll workshop those pieces with your peers, and get personal feedback from Fija to make sure your portfolio is as good as it can be.

By the time you finish the course, you’ll know how write content that clients want, how to find those clients and pitch them your writing, and how to manage the business side of a writing career. And you’ll have a real portfolio that you can show them, too!

What you’ll learn

After you finish this class, you’ll:

  • Get personal feedback from Fija on a practical portfolio of new writing samples that you’ll create during the course.

  • Create and be able to present a portfolio of new work to potential clients.

  • Be able to find, confidently apply to, and get hired for freelance writing jobs.

  • Have mastered the in-demand skills of web-friendly formatting and SEO best practices in your writing.

  • Understand how to set your own schedules and workloads to live your best writing life.

  • Learn how to request payment in a professional manner, get paid, and manage basic freelancing finances.

Class outline

  • Week One: Writing your bio, finding your niche, and how to write outside it

  • Week Two: Creating a portfolio, getting started with writing samples, web formatting and SEO best practices, and marketing articles

  • Week Three: Creating an outline, setting rates, and educational articles

  • Week Four: Finding and applying for jobs, cold pitching clients, invoicing and income tracking, and entertainment articles

Zoom schedule

Along with these Zoom calls, you’ll also spend time taking in lectures and chatting on Scribophile over the course of the class. All Zoom calls are recorded, so if you miss one you can review it later.

  • Friday May 5, 2023 2:00pm US Central time — 1 hour

How this workshop works

This class is conducted entirely online, on Scribophile and via Zoom videoconference. Participate from anywhere in the world!

You’ll join the instructor and your fellow students in a private group hosted on Scribophile. Take in reading and assignments at your own speed, and discuss them with the instructor and your classmates in the online class discussion forum.

You’ll also participate in Zoom videoconferences with the instructor and your classmates so you can get live lessons and insights, and ask questions in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Videoconferences will be recorded, so you can review them later if you missed them.

Questions about this class?

We’re happy to answer any questions you might have!

About Fija Callaghan

Fija Callaghan

Fija Callaghan is an author and professional freelance writer. She began her freelance career writing about a range of topics including health, food, and luxury goods and has now comfortably settled into writing about literature. Her current work includes blog posts about newly released books, lessons on the craft of creative writing, and teachers’ resources on classic literature and poetry. She likes cookies quite a bit.

April 10, 2023
4 week master class

Small class size
Seats are limited

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