If you’ve been writing for a while, then you know a few things.

One: the writer life is, in reality, not at all like the glamorous perception you’ll see in movies and on TV.

Two: your friends, unless they’re writers too, just aren’t going to understand challenges like your writer’s block, procrastination when it comes to actually getting something on the page, or how much you can hate writing and find it fun at the same time.

Three: sometimes, the best thing to do about your writers woes is to just laugh about them—and that’s where these funny writer memes can come in handy.

Here are some of our 16 favorite funny writing memes that perfectly encapsulate the highs, lows, and humor of the writer’s life, from the struggles with a first draft to the constant story ideas to the way your characters just live in your head rent-free (even if your novel doesn’t technically exist yet).

1. Oh, you thought you were actually going to finish that novel?

Think again! Time for procrastination to set in. Writers do whatever they can to not finish that WIP (Work In Progress), until something kicks their butt into gear, whether it be National Novel Writing Month, a challenge with a writer friend, etc.

Source: Writers Write

2. Unfortunately, a writer only has themself to blame

Alas, even though you try to blame everything else in the world for your procrastination—the dog needed walking, the laundry needed doing!—you just can’t at the end of the day. Get that idea down on paper!

Source: September C Fawkes

3. Some days the new ideas just keep flowing… other days, not so much

You know how it goes. Once you get into your writing flow, the shiny new ideas begin—until they dry up completely and you have a bad case of writer’s block.

Source: Writing About Writing on Facebook

But guess what? We have a super helpful article on dealing with this very problem.

4. Don’t worry, though…

Daydreaming about writing and writing are actually the same thing… right?

Totally. Definitely. We relate.

Source: Aela Writes

5. You started? Great! Now, where’s the plot?

Once you get started on that novel, though, inevitably there’s going to be a time that you sit back, look at what you wrote, and really start to question whether or not your words actually form a cohesive plot. That’s where, of course, a writing schedule that incorporates a little beta reading can come in handy.

Your writer friends are the best folks to give insight into whether or not you truly have a story.

Source: Writers Write

And! You can also swing by our article on finding the perfect plot.

6. Sometimes, you just gotta plow forward

Occasionally, though, you have to just keep writing, plot or no plot.

Source: Daddies Drarryy

7. Writing is just rewriting

Eventually, you’ll have to go back and address those rambling sentences. Newbie writers may not recognize it yet, but the old pros will. Sometimes, being a writer is just rewriting, rewriting, and rewriting some more—especially those pesky opening pages.

Source: Liz Lawson on Twitter

8. That said, perfection isn’t everything

Not everyone is going to love what you write and, frankly, that’s okay.

Source: Aye Write

9. Your biggest fan is you

Because, after all, you won’t be happy unless you write things you actually want to read. Don’t aim to please readers or other writers when you’re the first audience you’ll ever have.

Source: Writeous Writing

10. But maybe try to keep the tenses straight?

Past tense, future tense, present tense—it’s hard enough just deciding which one you want to use on a new project, let alone sticking to it while you write.

Source: Macademmia

To help you through this troubling time, check out our post on narrative tenses.

11. You and your characters are best friends forever

Oh, don’t mind me. I’m not talking to myself; I’m talking to my novel characters.

Source: Writers Write

Don’t get us wrong—we love a good cast of heroes and villains.

12. Being a writer isn’t as easy as it looks

Yes, we all love writing (we hope you you do, anyway, since you’re here). Unfortunately, when many of us say we like writing, we like having written more than the actual getting the words on the page.

Source: The Darklings

13. No one understands

But no matter how easy or hard friends and family think your writing is, chances are they have no real clue what you really do.

Your parents call your writing “cute.” Friends think you lay around. You think you’re a big shot. You’re really just drinking coffee at your desk and creating stories from the looping picture in your head.

Source: Jenni Merritt

14. An editor will not make your life easier

Editors are amazing. They make your book better. If you have a publishing deal with a big publisher, they vouch for your book and make your writing dreams a reality. They don’t make your life easier, though.

That first edit letter? Ouch.

Source: The Mom Who Runs

15. So just enjoy the ride!

It’s not always easy to enjoy the ride that is the writing life, but at least try to. And stop feeling guilty about not keeping to your writing goals for the day/week/etc.!

Source: Memes for Writers on Instagram

16. And whatever you do…

Source: UniversityStudent.org

We believe in you! And if you ever need to step back from the pain and existential angst of being a writer, you’ll always have these writing memes here to help you have fun on your creative journey.